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Exercise has been shown to have many benefits both in the healthy, for prevention of illness, and for the treatment of various conditions. The government's 'Health of the Nation' document lists physical exercise as one of the major factors that can affect mortality and ill-health. A recent national fitness survey shows we are relatively inactive as nation.

Benefits of Exercise

Inactivity causes progressive reduction in the capacity for physical work, decreased function of the heart, muscle strength and bone density. Regular exercise offer protection against coronary disease, decreases obesity and can lower cholesterol. It can reduce blood pressure and those who take up exercise often stop smoking. Joints and muscular strength can be improved and osteoporosis prevented. Regular exercisers feel decreased depression, tension, fatigue and aggression and improved sleep patterns.

How Much Is Needed?

The principals of exercise training are to gradually increase the amount and frequency of activity and then to increase the intensity. It can be in any form, e.g. brisk walking, swimming, cycling or running. Aim to build up to 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise five days per week. Moderate intensity means becoming slightly sweaty and out of breath.

Are You Fit Enough To Exercise?

If you are worried about your fitness to start exercising, consult your doctor.

Note: If you have a temporary illness, such as a common cold, or are not feeling well at the time - postpone your exercise.

Exercise is available at a reduced fee through Crawley Leisure Centre, if recommended by your doctor. Please make an appointment with your GP or the practice nurse for further advice on this point.

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