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Travelling Abroad


Going abroad is very common these days that it is often easy to forget the precautions necessary.

Remember to make an appointment with your doctor or practice nurse at least two months in advance of departure. They will advise you of vaccinations that are needed and what medications if any you need also.

For advice as to what you might need for each country please log on to


Please Note:
1) The NHS Prescribing authority does not allow us to supply you with more than three months' supply of your usual medication. 
2) there may be a charge for some travel medication

Make sure you have adequate medical insurance. If you are visiting an EU country you will need form E111. These can be obtained from a post office.

Take these simple precautions to make sure your holiday isn't one to remember for the wrong reasons.

  • Carry a small first aid kit
  • Maintain essential personal hygiene
  • Many diseases are insect borne and rabies is widespread. Beware of bites from insects and animals.
  • Use sun creams often. Remember and observe the power of the sun.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (AIDS included) are a major health threat throughout the world. Condoms offer some protection.

If you are advised by your doctor to take anti-malarial tablets, do not forget that you need to start taking them one week before travel and continue for four weeks after you return.

Please refer to our list of charges for travel injections, vaccines and medication.

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