Poundhill Medical Group
Poundhill Medical Group
1 Crawley Lane Pound Hill Crawley West Sussex RH10 7DX
Opening Hours : Pound Hill 08.00 - 18.30 Monday to Friday
Copthorne 08.00 - 18.30 Monday to Thursday ; 08.00 - 17.30 Friday
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Appointments & Enquiries



Our Telephone Lines are now open form 8:00AM for

booking appointments(Monday to Friday)

In a recent patient survey it was highlighted that one of the issues with the service we provide was accessing the surgery by telephone. Currently both the phones and appointments start at the same time which causes frustrations – by starting phones earlier we hope to avoid this.
The surgery doors will be open at 8:00 as well as internet appointments.

For more specific information, please select the relevant menu item on the left

Please be aware that during the hours of 8:00 to 8:30AM we ask you to only call the surgery if you require an appointment or in an emergency

If you no longer require a booked appointment please remember to cancel this which can be done by using the internet facility or by calling the surgery

Our appointment system includes a selection of book on the day appointments. These become available at 8.00am each day. Also several telephone consultation slots will be available which can be booked by telephoning the Surgery


An average appointment lasts 10 minutes. Be prepared to tell your story. Consider taking a partner or close friend to help you describe a health problem and ask them to prompt you. You must get across what’s really worrying you and if you are anxious your mind may go blank, or if you are embarrassed you’ll sidestep the issue. A companion will jump on inaccuracies such as “I hardly drink at all” or “I never snore”.

Take notes, ask questions. If you do not understand what is being said ask for it to be explained again in plain English.

Find out about your family medical history. It does not mean you will have the same problems but any risk needs to be taken in to account by the Doctor.

Boost your confidence by making a list of symptoms beforehand and rehearse how you will answer questions such as, “Where is the pain?” or “How long have you had it?”

If you have more than one problem to discuss ask for a double appointment.



To register as a Patient with this Practice you need to be living within the Pound Hill, Worth and Copthorne areas as shown on the map held at each surgery. Please ask at Reception if you are unsure whether you fall within our catchment area.
You must:

Either provide a medical card with details of your new address in the space provided and a contact number or complete the purple registration form (GMS1) ensuring all details are complete (refer to the highlighted sample at reception if you are unsure).

Also required: -
• Photo id (driving licence/passport etc) and a utility/credit card bill stating your local address. If you need to see a Doctor before you can provide this information, you will be registered as a temporary patient. In case of a family one persons id will suffice unless the surname of the adults are different.

• Completed New Patient Questionnaire.

If you are on any repeat medication you must make an appointment to see a GP.


If a patient has reached 16 and is under 75 years and has not been seen for 3 years or longer the Doctor/Health Care Professional may, at the time of a consultation, make inquiries and undertake examinations as appropriate to establish the general health of the patient.

If a patient has attained the age of 75 years such a consultation shall take place in the home of the patient if the Group feels it would be inappropriate for the patient to attend the surgery premises.

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