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Meeting Minutes

Patient Representative Group (PRG) for Pound Hill Medical Group

Minutes of meeting on 20 June 2018


1.         Welcome and personal introductions

1.1      Perry welcomed all to the meeting. He was chairing in Peter’s absence. Peter expects to be able to attend the next meeting. It was agreed that Perry would send Peter some flowers and wish him a speedy recovery.


2          Apologies  

2.1                   Peter Chatfield, Leslie Margison, Anita Wright


3.         Minutes and matters arising of last meeting (on 22 March 2018)

3.1      The minutes were approved. Matters arising are covered in the substantive items below.


4.         AGM of Friends of PHMG  

4.1      The first annual report of the Friends Group had been circulated in advance of the meeting. The report was formally approved.

4.2      In discussion, the following points were made:

            -the Group might wish to consider “crowdfunding.” (Patients could not be contacted via the Practice records because of data protection issues.) If successful, this would only be appropriate for start-up costs and not for longer-term funding

            -there had been no additional volunteers for the Group. Sheila agreed to stay on as Treasurer but may not be able to do so for the full 3-year term. This was formally approved, along with the continued membership of Anita, Janet and Jim

            -Brian had handed out more footcare surveys to patients at the surgery. More than 20 forms were returned and would be analysed

            -it was agreed that the chances of obtaining funding would be improved if it were possible for the Group to meet the potential funders personally rather than rely on paper applications only.


5.         Update and discussion of CPRG and CCG meetings and reports

5.1      Gordon reported that CPRG had not met since April.

5.2      Additional funding had been allocated to the Hub, to which our Practice (along with some other local practices) was not currently a member. Greater clarity about how the hub would operate and how this would impact on the delivery of health care in Pound Hill and Copthorne was required before any final decision would be made.

5.3      Gordon had attended the recent “Big Health and Care Conversation” where views were sought on priorities and financial challenges. He encouraged others to attend the upcoming events in Horsham and Haywards Heath, as a way of potentially influencing the future development of health services in the area. 

5.4      Perry said that there were concerns raised at the CCG about the levels of financial savings required


6.         Webpage for PRG

6.1      A draft webpage to be entered on the PHMG website had been circulated before the meeting. In discussion:

            -Perry confirmed that the PRG was affiliated to the National Association for Patient Participation

            -our PRG was established in 2005

            -we should seek to encourage broader representation, particularly younger (? including students) and BME patients

            -instead of an email address, Perry would be able to set up a web-based submission form.

6.2      Perry agreed to set up a meeting with Jim to finalise the page.


7          Proposals for future meeting presentations/visitors

7.1      Mental health issues were seen to be the main area of interest. Perry agreed to arrange for Dr. Proctor -who has the lead in this for the Practice- to attend the next meeting (although the date may need to be changed: see para 9).


8          Future tasks, concerns, interests or ideas

8.1      -development of Forge Wood, which is outside the PHMG’s catchment area, means that additional staff are having to be recruited by the practices concerned to cater for the 1500-2000 patients

            -PHMG will need to assimilate patients from about 570 extra homes expected in Copthorne. Perry hopes to provide an additional consulting room at the Copthorne surgery, but recruitment of a GP is likely to be difficult. No additional funding has so far been allocated.

            -PRG might need to consider meeting on different days/times, particularly to accommodate potential new members (see 6.1 above).

            -new guidance has been issued on pre-diabetes. About 900 patients have been diagnosed in the Practice. There will need to be regular blood tests and support with improving BMI. The Practice is developing a leaflet.

            -routine ear syringing is to be stopped. A leaflet about self-care will be provided. There will be a service available locally for serious problems.

            - the CQC was due to re-visit on the day after our meeting to review the issues identified during the recent inspection. Perry said all these had been addressed.

            -changes in GPs arising from retirement were expected in the coming months.


9.1      The dates for meetings for the rest of the year are:-

            -19 September at 1pm (though may change: see para 7.1 above).

            -5 December at noon.


Attendees: Perry Anderson; Brian Bell; Janet Copeland; Dave Dopson; Sheila Drury, Jane Green; Pam McGough; Patricia Osborne; Gordon Robson; Jim Sarjantson





July 2018

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