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Meeting Minutes

Patient Representative Group (PRG) for Pound Hill Medical Practice Minutes of meeting on 7 June 2017

1. Apologies 1.1 Betty Chatfield and Pam McGough.
1.2 Peter reported that Betty was stepping down as a PRG member. All agreed that a letter of appreciation should be sent to her in view of her more than 10 years active membership the group.

2 Welcome and Introductions
2.1 All attendees were welcomed. Peter thanked everyone for their continued work and support.

3. Minutes and matters arising of last meeting (on 22 March 2017)
3.1 The minutes were approved.

4. Proposal for date of next CQC mock inspection
4.1 The mocks were an excellent way of identifying any issues, which Perry adds to an action log. We have so far covered three of the five main criteria. Perry will discuss with Peter when the next mocks should be held. These will hopefully be in October/November, and volunteers will be sought.
4.2 The next CQC inspection is due next year, but may slip.

5. Report from Friends Fund Raising Team and approval of Constitution
5.1 The last meeting authorized the Team to seek funding for the podiatry project. A copy of the funding application and supporting documents are attached.
5.2 In consultation with Karl Parks at the CVS, who has provided excellent support, the Team worked quickly to submit an application to the Sussex Community Foundation by 8 May. To do so, a constitution was drawn up, members identified as the Team’s officers and members, and a free community bank account opened. The result of the funding application is due towards the end of July.
5.3 Whilst awaiting the funding decision, the Team will consider how we might advertise the service, and how feedback will be gathered.
5.4 PRG approved the constitution, subject to any comments to be made. These will be considered at the Friends first AGM, for which Jim will issue papers.

6. Update and discussion of CPRG and CCG meetings and reports as appropriate
6.1 A copy of Gordon’s helpful notes of the CPRG meetings in February, April and May had been circulated in advance.
6.2 Gordon reported that CPRG was failing to consult or seek approval before making decisions. PRG agreed that he should continue attending to keep abreast of local and national issues and to make our views clear.
6.3 One of the CPRG’s decisions is to meet demand for evening and weekend working at a central “hub”. It was agreed that this was likely to be less effective or cost-effective than providing the money to surgeries direct, and there are data protection issues.
6.4 Other points discussed were:
-a new surgery has at last been approved for Bewbush
-agreement that mental health services need improvement
-some beds are to be closed at Crawley Hospital
-building a new surgery at Copthorne does not currently seem financially viable

7 Update on progress with Minor Ailments Scheme at both surgeries
7.1 Perry is to have discussions with the Copthorne pharmacy about spreading the scheme to Kamsons at Pound Hill. No funding from CCG is available.

8. Report and discussion of topics or concerns received from patients and any action taken
8.1 Patients do sometimes raise concerns with PRG members individually. Recently these have included problems with the pharmacy at Copthorne (perhaps due to the absence of the pharmacist who has now returned to work). Patients should raise these with the pharmacy. Another issue concerned appointments cancelled without notice (the surgery does try to contact patients in these circumstances). Patients should be advised to raise this direct with the surgery.
8.2 It was agreed to review the website. Jim will let Perry have initial comments on the PRG section.
8.3 Peter, Perry and Jan will meet to review recent complaints/comments received.

9. Updates on National and Regional surveys- possible date for our next Practice survey
9.1 The mobile phone survey asking those recently attending an appointment for their assessment was yielding about 20 comments a month. Most were positive, but negative comments (primarily about the difficulty of obtaining appointments) were being followed up.

10. Future tasks, concerns, interests or ideas for future presentations
10.1 It was agreed that we should invite a suitable CCG representative to our next meeting to discuss the hub model, and future developments.
10.2 A new GP, Dr. Joana Wicks, is joining the surgery in July to replace Dr. Lamont. This should enable an additional 32 appointments a week to be offered.
10.3 Succession planning is underway to manage the retirement of several GPs and other practice staff who are due to retire in the next 2 to 5 years.
10.4 Our Surgery has the lowest hospital non-elective admissions in Crawley, and beyond.

11 Next meeting
11.1 The next meeting is at 1pm on 27 September.

Attendees: Perry Anderson, Brian Bell, Peter Chatfield, Janet Copeland, Sheila Drury, Lesley Margeson, Pat Osborne, Gordon Robson, Jim Sarjantson, Anita Wright. 8 June 2017

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